Nick Dolding

I started taking pictures at the age of 15, but I did not really get involved in photography until I was 18 years old. It was at this time, whilst at university that I realised that a degree in Business would not fulfil my creative ambitions. After finishing my degree I assisted for several photographers, finally becoming a full time assistant for the well respected still lifer and all-rounder Christopher Joyce for 18 months. After gaining all the experience I felt that I could with Christopher I freelanced for a year: I saw this as my opportunity to learn as much as I could about the differing techniques and styles amongst photographers. I was extremely fortunate, as my time with Christopher undoubtedly led to a period of work experience with the famed Magnum photographer, Eve Arnold, known to push the boundaries by using just candles to light a shot. This period of my career culminated in 1988 in the setting up of my own studio, shooting mainly still life.

My love of photography has always been inspired by the likes of Ansel Adams, Sebastiao Salgado, Eve Arnold as well as early pioneers such as Frank Hurley and my favourite, Jacques-Henri Lartigue. With this influence in mind, after years of shooting inanimate objects, I realised that I needed to branch out and so it seemed like a natural transition to start shooting more people. This new focus added an extra element and in turn brought my photography back to life. The incorporation of this new dimension appeared to allow me more involvement, and now the shooting of people probably accounts for about 80% of my commissioned work, the rest consisting of still life and locations.

Very rarely do I travel anywhere without a camera and I am at my best when searching for my next image, which could be as simple as some branches on a tree, or cabling in an unfinished house. Many of my pictures have featured in the AOP awards and I was also recently commended for my 'Afro' series in America. My most recent work includes a series of intimate portraits of people, and the dynamic between the sitter and their professions incorporating a post production technique that can add weight, clarity and grittyness to images. My acclaimed  “Wanted” series recreates haunting mugshots of American criminals from the 1920s complete with prosthetic scars. I’m passionate about my work and I hope you enjoy my portfolio.

Clients include: HSBC, Barclaycard, Bacardi, Shell, BT, NatWest, BAA, Hewlett Packard, Hovis, Camel Cigarettes, Compaq Computers, O2, Sony, Telewest, Virgin, Playstation, VW, Toyota and Land Rover. video series above will show you that I'm equally as comfortable taking still shots as I am working with moving image!

Photography Portfolio