Gary Salter

Born in Blackpool in the north of England, Gary studied graphics and photography at Liverpool before moving to London, where he is currently based. He produces bold imagery with a distinctive and unique photographic style and quirky sense of humour. His work receives critical acclaim both in the UK and Internationally. His stills work has won a string of Awards and for some time he’s been shooting moving image.

Recent film projects have involved shooting for online content all the way through to his “Seriously Cheese” work for broadcast tvc.    


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Morten Borgestad

Months of perpetual darkness at Morten’s base near the Arctic Circle may have contributed to his very particular view of the world, about which he says:

“As an art director I know how disappointing it is when a finished image differs a lot from the original idea. This can easily happen when you go from something abstract to something concrete and have to make all sorts of decisions on the way. I find that my background gives me the opportunity to quickly understand the essence of the idea and helps me make the right decisions along the way. An advertising idea is often a very simplified version of the real world. I find that quite generic motifs, people and places that are clean and classic versions of themselves communicate advertising ideas quite well. Some parks are more parks than others and I spend a lot of time trying to find the places and the people that suit the original idea and the level of realism/surrealism that the idea demands.”

With his stills photography background and life as an art director, everything he does contains an extraordinary level of detail. Morten’s UK film work recently won a Drum Award and several DMA Awards, including a Gold for Best Use of Moving Image for his PayPal series, twelve films for Rapp London.


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Short & Sweet

Led by Ben Waddleton, a multi disciplinary Animator, Director and short-form content specialist; Short & Sweet partner with brands and creative agencies to make miniature masterpieces, perfectly suited for the hectic pace of the online environment.

As one of the top creators in the UK on the Vine platform, Ben honed his ability to articulate messages in a bitesized format. He emphasises brevity, craft and quality whilst tailoring his work to the specific nuances of any platform.

Ilka & Franz

Ilka & Franz are a German/ Austrian photographer duo based in London (UK). Their work blurs the lines between portraiture and still life and is often humorous with an unexpected twist. While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety. Ilka & Franz draw their inspiration from pop culture, kitsch and surrealism as they put a playful spin on the ordinary. The duo work on editorial and commercial commissions in the UK and abroad.

Almost all of their shoots involve an element of motion; their moving image work carries that same distinctive visual style that makes their stills so unique. Recent shots for Kadewe and Wembley Park show that their inimitable style is in no way compromised by using a different medium.

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Jack Terry

Jack Terry is a London based photographer and director. Setting him apart from the crowd is the bold and fresh style in his work combined with an expert understanding of directing his subjects.

The profound energy in Jack’s work comes from capturing real actions and fleeting moments while documenting the narrative and emotion in everyday life. Jack’s images are honest, playful and full of personality.

Clients Include Audi / Adidas / Age UK / Barclays / Britvic / B&Q / Cancer Research / eHarmony / Harrods / Haven Holidays / Jaguar Landrover / Lenovo / Mazda / Mont Blanc / Nature Valley / Nintendo / IWC Schaffhausen / Renault / Samsung / Stub Hub / Tempur / Volvo / Waitrose / Weight Watcher

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Florian Geiss

Like most of the general public, Florian Geiss is bored when he sees fake looking images in advertising, with unnatural models posing in ways which look over styled and false.

His goal on every project is to create believable situations that everyone can relate to. Positive, captured moments where we immediately know that his camera is close in amongst the action, a part of the energy and the dynamics of the situation. Sometimes his camera is one of a group of friends, sometimes a passer-by but we can always relate to his point of view.

Although Florian’s shots have an integrity that the audience can connect to, his skill is also in the detailed pre-production that he and his team complete. Every detail is considered by Florian... casting, styling, locations, all are brought together according to the requirements of the brief, but at the point of shoot, all these carefully controlled ingredients collide together to create truly special situations full of life and spontaneity.

There is a huge amount of action in Florian’s still work, so it has been a natural progression for him to shoot moving imagery too, often directly alongside his stills work. When creating films, Florian shoots this himself preferring not to delegate any part of the process to other people, acting as photographer, DOP and director simultaneously, and by doing this he creates a very close link between the style of his stills and moving images.

Florian Geiss’ approach continues to be sought out by clients across the globe for many of the World’s biggest international brands. He and his studio are based in Hamburg from where he travels far and wide.


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George Logan

Born in Bellshill, near Glasgow, Scotland, George studied at Blackpool College of Photography before moving to London where he is currently based. George is a multi-faceted talent, equally at home on location or in the studio, working with people, animals, locations or still life.

George’s work receives critical acclaim both in the UK and Internationally. He has three current travelling solo exhibitions (Red Road, Dark and Translocation) in the UK and is a regular exhibitor at many of London's galleries. His work was also shown at the Shanghai International Photography Exhibition in China. 

George was awarded the prestigious Gold at The Association of Photographers Awards in 2005 and again in 2010. He was also named International Advertising Photographer of the year at the IPA/ Lucie Awards in New York, and one of Campaign Magazine's Top Ten Photographers. Most recently George has been awarded three Silver Lions at Cannes, a Best in Category at the AOP Awards, a winner at PDN New York, and he was also shortlisted in the Sony World Photography Awards.

...And now he shoots motion too! Click the links above to see his fantastic work in motion!

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Jason Knott

Jason began his creative path with a background in fine art and graphic design, though from an early age always had one hand on a camera capturing anything and everything that caught his eye.

Following his assisting years in the early 90's Jason moved into the music industry shooting album covers and juggling this with his life as a rock drummer before turning his attentions towards advertising.

Jason's laid back shooting style creates an effortless relaxed atmosphere both in front and behind the camera whether on location or in the studio. He is renowned for capturing 'of the moment' emotions, experiences and interactions. Ironically these images are created with extremely detailed pre-production to control all the elements according to the minutiae of the client’s brief. Having managed every aspect of the shoot, even creating his own sunshine, Jason then allows the action to unfold ascribing roles to models who are coached to act in character .

This approach has enabled Jason to move seamlessly into the Moving Image arena. He often finds himself shooting both stills and Moving Images on the same project.

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Louis-Jack is an award-winning artist filmmaker based in London. He is currently participating in the New Approaches development scheme run by FLAMIN / Film London. The programme supports six artists working on feature length films.

In 2016 Louis-Jack was an Associate of Open School East and winner of the New Faces Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival. His films have been shown in exhibitions and film festivals, including those at The National Art Centre Tokyo, Modern Art Oxford, the Arsenale of Venice, the Merz Barn, Picturehouse Central Cinema and Newlyn Art Gallery.

His last short film, GILL & GILL, was a cinematic essay comparing rock climbing and letter carving. It features two world-renowned masters of the crafts and acclaimed British actor Clive Russell.

Louis-Jack is currently working on two short films focused on mental illness: the story of a fictional snooker player in his final professional match and SINK OR SWIM, which explores depression through underwater ballet. The latter is being made with the support of the Royal Ballet, Mind (the mental health charity), Arts Council England, Studio Wayne McGregor and The Space.

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Nick Dolding

I started taking pictures at the age of 15, but I did not really get involved in photography until I was 18 years old. It was at this time, whilst at university that I realised that a degree in Business would not fulfil my creative ambitions. After finishing my degree I assisted for several photographers, finally becoming a full time assistant for the well respected still lifer and all-rounder Christopher Joyce for 18 months. After gaining all the experience I felt that I could with Christopher I freelanced for a year: I saw this as my opportunity to learn as much as I could about the differing techniques and styles amongst photographers. I was extremely fortunate, as my time with Christopher undoubtedly led to a period of work experience with the famed Magnum photographer, Eve Arnold, known to push the boundaries by using just candles to light a shot. This period of my career culminated in 1988 in the setting up of my own studio, shooting mainly still life.

My love of photography has always been inspired by the likes of Ansel Adams, Sebastiao Salgado, Eve Arnold as well as early pioneers such as Frank Hurley and my favourite, Jacques-Henri Lartigue. With this influence in mind, after years of shooting inanimate objects, I realised that I needed to branch out and so it seemed like a natural transition to start shooting more people. This new focus added an extra element and in turn brought my photography back to life. The incorporation of this new dimension appeared to allow me more involvement, and now the shooting of people probably accounts for about 80% of my commissioned work, the rest consisting of still life and locations.

Very rarely do I travel anywhere without a camera and I am at my best when searching for my next image, which could be as simple as some branches on a tree, or cabling in an unfinished house. Many of my pictures have featured in the AOP awards and I was also recently commended for my 'Afro' series in America. My most recent work includes a series of intimate portraits of people, and the dynamic between the sitter and their professions incorporating a post production technique that can add weight, clarity and grittyness to images. My acclaimed  “Wanted” series recreates haunting mugshots of American criminals from the 1920s complete with prosthetic scars. I’m passionate about my work and I hope you enjoy my portfolio.

Clients include: HSBC, Barclaycard, Bacardi, Shell, BT, NatWest, BAA, Hewlett Packard, Hovis, Camel Cigarettes, Compaq Computers, O2, Sony, Telewest, Virgin, Playstation, VW, Toyota and Land Rover. video series above will show you that I'm equally as comfortable taking still shots as I am working with moving image!

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Additive CGI

Additive is a post-production studio based in London.

There are bigger companies out there, but that’s not what they’re about. They revel in small… they are Boutique. What matters is that when you deal with Additive you’re speaking to the artist that’s going to work on your project. Too many other post-production / CGI providers leave you talking to the monkey, but with Additive it’s all organ grinders!

Comprising of two talented CG artists / retouchers (Matt and Pete) with over 20 years’ experience between them (Saddingtons, Um CGI and Solid), you benefit from tightly costed estimates (no flashy offices or leggy secretaries, sorry) and the undivided attention of the two key people. Of course they have the support of specialists where needed (character artists, animators, digital sculptors, etc) and are involved with all the most cutting edge medias including the latest Augmented Reality. As a result, Additive can be as big a part of any image solution as you wish.

Clients Additive have worked with include: VCCP, Nissan, McDonalds, Kelloggs, EDF, Smart UK, Nokia, Eurostar, Red Magazine, Intersection, 125 magazine and Wired.

Moving Image is a natural progression in Additives portfolio. Look no further than their recent work for Avianca to see how moving image is simply second nature for Additive.

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Wilson Hennessy

Wilson grew up on a farm in rural Australia, sure that he'd become a scientist when he grew up until his mum entered some of his photos in a competition in the big smoke of Melbourne. He won! That led onto a photography degree and work with an ex-London photographer. After 6 months of listening to him talking endlessly about London, he decided it was time to pack his bags.It was 2002.

Wilson assisted a number of top photographers until he went out on his own in 2008. He now shoots for editorial clients, including GQ and Wired and recently shot campaigns for clients as diverse as Toyota, Audi, Barclays, Vodafone, Shell and Nicorette to name but a few. An indefatigable powerhouse of creative energy, he constantly provides his agents with new work, so it is always worth checking back here to see the latest!

Wilson lives in South London with his wife, has a pizza oven in the back garden, and a studio In Bethnal Green. And he now shoots stellar moving images alongside his stills! 

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Marco Mori

Marco is one of those rare breeds of photographer, who not only has what it takes to produce beautiful images, but also has an in-depth understanding of his craft. 

Fascinated by design from an early age, Marco graduated from London College of Print with Hons in Typography and Design. He has worked at some of London’s top production houses and advertising agencies including TBWA and Grey London, alongside some of the best creative and photographic talent in the world.

Early on he discovered he had a keen eye for composition and a talent for sympathetic retouching. Encouraged by the photographers and art directors he worked with, Marco picked up a camera and the rest is history.

Today he is regularly commissioned by the likes of Hugo Boss, Lucozade, Pantene, Lacoste and Vodafone, both globally and in the UK. 

Born in London to a close-knit Italian family, Marco is fluent in Italian, wine and fine foods but also makes a great cup of tea to any pantone colour reference. Moving image is also another field that Marco has a deep understanding of and we're very proud of his work so far!

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Chelsea Bloxsome

The lovely Chelsea Bloxsome, a leading London food photographer specialising in food and drink photography for advertising, design and packaging. Having assisted renowned still-lifer Kevin Summers, she has a graphic eye and stunning attention to detail. Studio & kitchen located in Shoreditch, London and looking to translate her skills further into moving image.

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Phil Sills

Based in London, Phil Sills likes a drink. and doesn’t care if it’s still or moving. 

He shoots for many of the World’s top drinks brands and the level of detail that he brings to his stills work, he now brings to the moving image.  Whether he’s shooting online material to confined budgets or full on motion control epics, he has the same attention to detail.

With ourselves providing all the shoot and edit / vfx support,  Phil is producing some really beautiful images, often carrying his particular look across stills and motion.

Recent clients include: Bowers & Wilkins, Lucozade, Tiger, Bombay, Lipton, Red Bull and Maltsmith’s.

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Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas is a passionate London-based food and still life photographer.

Known for striking stills campaigns for Marks and Spencer Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Costa she has been directing some incredibly accomplished moving image too. Recent clients include McDonald’s and Vue

It might be a busman’s holiday, but in her spare time, she loves nothing more than cooking!

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